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RI-VIS Australia - Europe Symposium

The RI-VIS Australia - Europe Symposium invites representatives from funding agencies and policymakers to discuss opportunities for working together, in order to create collaborations and initiate sustainable networks for research infrastructure coordination.

05 Oct-2021 - 07 Oct-2021

The RI-VIS project unites research infrastructures across scientific domains to work together more efficiently and effectively and increase their visibility in society. 

Research Infrastructures provide such coordination by offering access to key facilities, resources and expertise to empower research driven by scientific excellence and beyond the individual research capacity of different countries, economic sectors, or institutions.

Representatives from funding agencies as well as policymakers are invited to join and discuss opportunities for working together. By bringing together the right people, the RI-VIS project hopes to create collaborations and initiate networks sustainably so that all stakeholders benefit.

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