Museums Galleries Australia 2017

MGA 2017 brings together current and future leaders and decision-makers in museums, galleries and governments from Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region.

14 May-2017 - 17 May-2017

We're proud to be a sponsor and Network Partner for the Museums Galleries 2017 Conference (MGA 2017). We're provding high-speed network connectivity to the venue for the event.

The theme for the MGA 2017 is Museums & Galleries in their Cultural Landscape. This theme investigates the changing and challenging actions of museums and galleries in their multidimensional landscape.

Museums and galleries throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific are adopting a cultural landscapes approach to their collection, interpretation and outreach programs. This encompasses their built and natural environment together with the social environment of their communities.

The conference includes a full program of speakers, workshops, masterclasses, social activities and tours.

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Visit the MGA2017 website for more information and to register