Museums Australia National Conference 2015

When everything is contested, how can we ensure that our museums and galleries and the work undertaken in their name represent civic responsibility, ethical practices and authenticity?Join the conversation at this year's conference.

21 May-2015 - 24 May-2015

We're excited to again be participating the annual Museum Australia National Conference, on this year at Sydney Town Hall.

Today museums and galleries of all shapes or size are impacted by unresolved tensions between the real and the virtual, the fixed and the mobile, the formal and the informal. This conference wil explore three key themes:

  • Medium - The Context of Cultural Production: What is the museum today and how is it changing? Are collections still central to the role of museums and galleries, or are they becoming increasingly irrelevant? What do collections represent, why are they important and how is this made relevant to both audiences and investors?...
  • Message - People have Agency: There are many different voices demanding access to the heart of the public realm, who decides which voices occupy that space? The audience has been empowered in recent years, are we too obsessed with audience needs?...
  • Medium & Message - Contested Places, Dangerous Ideas: Do museums and galleries contribute to social good? Is this a reasonable expectation for any funding agency public or private? Is social good only measured in the generation of tourism dollars or are there other intangibles that can be measured qualitatively? ...

We've invited eResearch Analyst and Data Specialist Ingrid Mason to be in the lineup of speakers - mark your calendars!

TOPIC: GLAM data connected to Digital Humanities Research

WHEN: Friday 22 May 11.30am

WHO: Ingrid Mason (Intersect Australia & Australian National Data Servce)

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