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Asia Pacific Advanced Networks community bi annual meeting for knowledge sharing and exploring collaboration opportunities.

02 Jan-2021 - 02 May-2021

The Asia Pacific Advanced Networks (APAN) 51st meeting - APAN51 is  hosted by the Pakistan Education & Research Network & Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and is to be held virtually on 1 – 5 February, 2021.

The APAN Board and the Pakistan LOC has decided to host the APAN meeting virtually due to the continued outbreak of COVID-19 around the world and the fact that many nations may not be able to lift their travel restrictions by February 2021.

The APAN community is the largest in the Asia Pacific region for scholars, experts, teachers, and students to share ideas and experiences of Internet development globally, to face the challenges, and to explore collaboration opportunities. APAN meetings are held twice per year and provide an excellent platform for network staff, academics and scientists to work together to promote national, regional and international Internet development.

APAN51 will have a range of exciting keynote speakers and different varieties of programmes including training workshops, tutorials, presentations, demonstrations, conference sessions, and discussion panels.

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