Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of APAN, the 42nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network Meeting will feature tutorials, workshops, presentations and demonstrations of advanced network technologies and applications.

31 Jul-2016 - 04 Aug-2016

The 42nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN42) Meeting is on from 31 July to 5 August 2016 in the Centennial Campus of The University of Hong Kong.

The APAN42 will be hosted by the Joint Universities Computer Centre, a cooperative effort of the Computing/Information Technology Services Centres of the eight government-funded tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Tutorials, workshops, presentations and demonstrations covering advanced network technologies and applications will be featured in the six—day event.

Attendees will participate in a range of activities and events that reminisce the past, take part in the present and look ahead to the future of APAN. 

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