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AARNet Researcher Talks 2021 Winter Series

Researchers across different domains talk about how they are using AARNet infrastructure and CloudStor SWAN to accelerate their research

02 Sep-2021

In this AARNet winter series of Researcher Talks, to be held monthly from June to September, you'll find out how researchers across different domains are using AARNet infrastructure to accelerate their research. Participation in these virtual sessions is via Zoom.

Each of the four monthly sessions will feature a presentation by a researcher, who will speak about their work and the tools and techniques they use for analysis, such as CloudStor's SWAN (Service for Web-based ANalysis), followed by an informal interactive Q&A session.

All researchers, from undergrad to post doc, and eResearch and Research Support staff are welcome to attend. The purpose of these interactive sessions is to facilitate a peer-learning environment by providing an opportunity for knowledge sharing led by researchers who are already in the driver's seat, harnessing the power of Jupyter Notebooks and the AARNet cloud for their research analysis needs.



Series Schedule

Talk #1: Thursday 3 June; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (ENDED)

Talk #2: Thursday 1 July; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (ENDED)

Talk #3: Thursday 5 August; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (ENDED)

Talk #4: Thursday 2 September; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (ENDED)


Using CloudStor for Managing and Analysing Research Data
Thursday 3 June; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (This event has ended, but you can watch the recording)

Speaker: Dr Robert Luke, Research Fellow, Macquarie University.

In this talk, Dr Luke will discuss how his multidisciplinary teams use CloudStor infrastructure for backing up, archiving, and sharing data. He will also show how team members use SWAN collaboratively for data validation, signal processing, and statistics.

Watch the recording:

Tips and Tricks for using CloudStor, FileSender and SWAN (Bash+R)
Thursday 1 July; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (This event has ended, but you can watch the recording)

Speaker: Ammar Aziz (PhD), WHO Collaborating Centre for Influenza (VIDRL - Doherty Insititute)

In this presentation, Ammar Aziz demonstrates how he uses CloudStor for working remotely, continual backup of data through ownCloud, and collaborating with overseas colleagues using FileSender. He also demonstrates some tips and tricks for working with Bash+R on the SWAN cloud computing platform.

Watch the recording:

Interoperability between AARNet CloudStor and external services
Thursday 5 August; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (This event has ended, but you can watch the recording)

Speaker: Dr Steffen Bollmann, Research Fellow, The University of Queensland.

In this talk, Dr Bollmann highlights interoperability examples between AARNet CloudStor and external tools and services like Zotero, the open science foundation (OSF) and high-performance computing clusters. He shows how CloudStor can be used as a backend storage for the open source literature management Zotero, how files stored on CloudStor can be accessed and shared via external services like OSF, and how data on CloudStor can be accessed using the command line interface on high-performance computing systems.

Watch the recording:

CloudStor SWAN as a teaching tool
Thursday 2 September; 1pm - 2pm (AEST) (This event has ended, but you can watch the recording)

Speaker: Steven Morgan, Bioinformatician and Academic specialist, Melbourne Bioinformatics and The University of Melbourne.

In this presentation, Steven Morgan discusses how CloudStor’s analysis tool SWAN has been integrated into the teaching of a masters-level subject at The University of Melbourne. Steven shares the lessons learned from the semester, the advantages of using the service in a teaching environment, and provide some tips for others who may want to enhance their teaching.

Watch the recording: