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Connecting K-12 Schools

AARNet provides K-12 Schools across Australia with the reliable high-speed broadband network and collaboration services they need to deliver high-quality education in the 21st Century


AARNet provides hundreds of Government, Independent and Catholic K-12 Schools across Australia with the reliable high-speed broadband network and collaboration services they need to deliver a high-quality, digitally-enabled education experience to their students. 

Why AARNet?

  • Our network and services are purpose built solely for the research and education sector. The network connects schools to the Internet, the global research and education community and online resources, and is specifically designed to deliver a high-quality experience in the classroom for everyone, anytime. 
  • Unmetered fast access to the wide range of providers AARNet peers with, including Google, Microsoft, Akamai, National Film and Sound Archive, the ABC, SBS and more
  • Unmetered fast access to online material publicly available at research, education and cultural institutions connected to AARNet and other national research and education networks around the world.
  • AARNet partners with research and education networks globally. A school that is part of the AARNet community is also part of an international community dedicated to learning and discovery.

Essential Services for Schools

AARNet Internet

Our flagship service. We help you choose the capacity that’s right for your school. Schools typically start with a 1Gbps connection to the AARNet backbone with an increasing number of schools now opting for a 10Gbps circuits as they adopt greater usage of cloud-based services for day-to-day operations and curriculum delivery.

Your school will be connected to the AARNet backbone network via dedicated optical fibre provided by AARNet or one of our partner networks. 

Our engineers can also work with you to ensure your network infrastructure is optimised to enable your school to make the most of the AARNet gigabit network (additional fees may apply).

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Other AARNet Products and Services for Schools

As well as connectivity, AARNet provides additional services that can help your school access resources, collaborate and make efficiencies.

Included in your subscription:


AARNet operates a staffed 24x7 Operations Centre to monitor and maintain its domestic and international network.  AARNet customers and partners can also report network faults and conditions that may affect network performance to the operations centre 

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eduroam is a secure global Wi-Fi roaming service developed for the research an education community. In Australia eduroam is operated by AARNet.

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Available at additional cost:

Cybersecurity for Schools

AARNet CyberSecurity for Schools is a unique learning enablement and cybersafety platform designed to keep students safe while allowing them to access the digital content they need to accelerate their learning. Co-developed with customers and Cyberhound, the solution offers an extensive set of integrated network and security services and gives teachers real time access control to respond to individual students’ needs.

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Diverse Connections

K-12 Schools are increasingly dependent on internet access to cloud services for their business operations and curriculum delivery. A secondary connection to the AARNet network via a geographically separate path mitigates the risk of downtime. This secondary connection ensures uninterrupted Internet access by serving as a back-up in case of any issues on the primary connection.

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Enterprise Consultancy Services

AARNet’s enterprise engineering consultancy services can provide schools with cost-effective remote and on-site assistance and professional advice for a wide range of technical and network related tasks, including network issue investigation and upgrades, vendor choice, data centre migration and more.

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Operations Centre Services

In addition to our standard operations centre network services for all customers, AARNet can also provide 24x7 monitoring of your school’s network infrastructure and managed incident response.

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SIP Trunks

MNF Enterprise SIP Trunks and Number Hosting allow you to replace your legacy phone services without losing functionality – or your phone numbers.

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The Zoom videoconferencing and virtual meeting tool makes it easy for staff and teachers to collaborate and bring the world of experts and digital experiences into the classroom.

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Virtual Private Networks

Cost-effective and secure direct connections between geographically dispersed campuses and to major metropolitan data centres, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

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Download the AARNet K-12 Schools Brochure:

AARNet K-12 Schools Brochure PDF (564 KB)

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