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International Community

AARNet is an active member the global network of research & education networks that power and support collaborative, cutting-edge, data-intensive research and education.

How we work with the international Research and Education Network Community

A network of research and education networks spans the globe

AARNet provides the Australian component of the high-capacity international research and education network, and interconnects with the North American (Internet2), European (GÉANT) and Asian (TEIN) components of the network.

A network of networks

This “network of networks” connects researchers, teachers, students and innovators from the four corners of the world to one another, and to the data, software, equipment and hardware at the forefront of digital discovery.

It is an international community fueled by a strong collaborative spirit and a drive to push technical boundaries to create new knowledge, and ways to use that knowledge, to address society’s most vital challenges.

Global Service Delivery

Research and education networks work together to develop services that benefit research and education communities and collaborations across the globe, such as eduroam global roaming and CloudStor large file transfer and storage.  

AARNet is participating in a collaboration funded by the European Commission and TEIN  to extended eduroam in the Asia Pacific. The project provided training and resources to set up eduroam initially in seven countries – Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. This project was completed in 2016 and additional projects to extend eduroam further in the region are underway.

Global Network Architecture

AARNet is collaborating with global NREN partners to plan and develop research and education network interconnectivity on a global scale to meet the future needs of research and education communities worldwide.

Visit the Global Network Advancement Group - the GNA-G website.

Pacific Research Platform

AARNet and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology have partnered to connect Australian researchers to the United States Pacific Research Platform, a next generation data sharing network linking research universities and supercomputing centres at unprecedented speeds.

View the media release announcing Australia's participation in the Pacific Research Platform project.

In the Field site

A website featuring fascinating use case stories from around the global about people and projects making a difference and enabled by research and education networks. Read about developments in astronomy, arts and culture, disaster management, climate change, earth observation, education, health and much more.

Visit the In the Field site.

Knowledge Exchange

The Case for NRENs portal is a resource developed by the community as part of knowledge exchange activities, which also include conferences, meetings and workshops. This portal provides information, particularly for NRENs getting started and needing guidance, advice and arguments to justify their existence. But there is much of value on the site for all NRENs. 

Visit the Case for NRENs portal.

Case Studies