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Research data storage and collaboration

Please note: AARNet is planning to decommission CloudStor at the end of 2023 (FileSender will continue as a standalone service). We will be directly notifying users and providing more information over the coming months.

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Purpose built by AARNet to make collaborating with data easier for researchers and academics

Access your CloudStor workspace from multiple devices and easily collaborate on files with colleagues at different institutions. Integrated applications support research workflows and allow you to store, share and work with data safely in one place.

Secure scalable cloud storage for managing research data online

Store and sync

1 TB for individual researchers. Up to 10 TB per institution for groups*. 10TB–1PB institutional storage allocation*. Files can be synced to multiple devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android) for anywhere anytime access.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Fast and reliable access to data over AARNet’s ultra-high-speed research network. Data is stored on AARNet-owned and operated hardware in data centres in Australia, and replicated across Australia-based data centre locations for high availability.

User management

Single Sign-on using Federated Access (AAF). Guest accounts for non-AAF members*. Institutional admin control of users and usage*.

Integrated applications

Analyse data through notebooks (Jupyter Notebook) using SWAN (Service for Web-based Analysis). Collaboratively edit documents using OnlyOffice. View files using pdf, video, audio and DICOM, 3D Model and Jmol viewers.

Data protection

Data is replicated at a minimum of two geographically distributed storage nodes for high reliability and availability. Data is backed up to tape storage, providing persistent backups and a third copy to keep files safe.

Data transfer tools

Transfer files quickly and securely using FileSender. Upload data to CloudStor from scientific instruments using Rocket.

When you’re trying to share a workflow you need to share both the code and the data. There’s plenty of places nowadays for sharing code but sharing data is pretty tricky, and CloudStor provides that really important link. By using CloudStor I’m able to share both the code and the data that relates to the code really easily with anyone in the world."

James Cook University
Ira Cooke

Senior Lecturer, Australian Institute of Tropical Health & Medicine, James Cook University

Where to go for help and support

If you're having trouble connecting to CloudStor, check the service status page.

You can find how-to guides and answers to frequently asked questions in our Knowledge Base.

You can also contact the AARNet 24/7 Operations Centre team for support.