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Outsourcing campus IT services monitoring and reporting to AARNet

Our managed NOC Services provides Southern Cross University's IT team with support for monitoring critical infrastructure and applications, as well as skills and expertise not available in house.

Outsourcing campus IT services monitoring and reporting to AARNet

Our NOC services provides customers with a solution for efficiently monitoring campus IT infrastructure

These days, IT services departments are increasingly expected to do more with less and, at the same time, as more business processes become web based, ensure that any disruptions to service delivery are resolved promptly. AARNet's Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors our network to ensure maximum availability and performance. The NOC is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it makes sense to offer the Centre's services to assist our customers.

So, when the IT department of Southern Cross University (SCU) was looking for a consolidated and sustainable monitoring and reporting model to cover network, storage, databases, Windows servers and UNIX servers, outsourcing to AARNet NOC Services provided a cost-efficient solution.

Luke Walford, SCU's Manager of IT Infrastructre cites cost, as well as the aggregation of reporting and the consistency and level of expertise the service provides as significant advantages provided by AARNet managed NOC services over an in-house set up.

AARNet’s managed NOC services are customised to meet the needs of each university. At SCU this means that individual teams have their own reporting mechanisms which they use in conjunction with AARNet NOC reporting to deliver information to their respective teams. AARNet NOC monitoring is also tailored for management reporting and the management of changes via the NOC Service Desk.

Consolidated reporting and the ability to route critical messages to managers is proving to be of significant benefit to SCU.

Outsourcing has enabled the IT team to uncover weaknesses and focus on resolving them. It has also enabled the team to complete work that would have previously competed with operational matters and taken longer to complete.

AARNet NOC Services has also provided SCU with a range of skills and expertise not available in house. For example, AARNet has provided the knowledge and expertise for implementing NAGIOS, as well as for determining appropriate testing mechanisms. 

Howard Jeffery, SCU IT Infrastructure Project Manager said it has been extremely valuable to have access to AARNet subject matter experts as needed.

AARNet managed NOC Services support is available to SCU on a 24x7 basis. All ICT infrastructure and key applications are monitored across three campuses, ranging from server and network monitoring, through to database test queries (SQL, Oracle) and scripted application performance checks.

Detailed network performance monitoring is active, both within the campus and out to Cloud service providers, utilising Cisco IP SLA functionality and remote network probes running Iperf. Performance results are pulled together and graphed on the NOC Services Portal and alerts are generated when performance thresholds are breached.

What our customers are saying

“Outsourcing to AARNet is cost effective and provides a level of expert skills not readily available in house. Consistent monitoring and centralised reporting have given us the ability to see cause and effect, which means we’ve been able to uncover weaknesses and focus on resolving them. AARNet NOC Services is a critical element of managing the university’s IT services.”

Luke Walford, Manager IT Infrastructure, Southern Cross University