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Meeting the service migration challenge

With help from engineers in AARNet's Enterprise Services team, The Gordon TAFE migrated two campuses onto the AARNet network swiftly and smoothly without any service disruptions.

Meeting the service migration challenge

Configuring campus internal networks for connecting to the AARNet high performance research and education network for the first time is a vital and sometimes complex step in the migration process.

Faced with a tight deadline and infrastructure across two campuses to manage, the IT department at The Gordon TAFE  in Geelong contracted engineers from AARNet’s Enterprise Services division to help with this task.

The engineers provided The Gordon with advice for suitable AARNet4 service options for dual site network diversity, new network hardware options and planning the migration, as well as hands-on configuration and support during the cutover.

Tapping into the expertise of AARNet engineers enabled The Gordon TAFE to optimize the network for meeting the institution’s needs now and in the future and provided a solution that mitigated the risk of the migration causing a disruption to The Gordon’s Internet services.

AARNet Enterprise Services offers AARNet customers a range of customisable network migration management services. To meet the challenge of coordinating and configuring the internal network routing changes required for connecting The Gordon, the team:

  • Audited the current internet infrastructure at two major sites.
  • Conducted a design workshop to gather requirements and identify current infrastructure bottlenecks and limits to functionality required.
  • Developed a dual internet design and configurations for multiple failover and migration scenarios.
  • Liaised between AARNet Infrastructure Development and Operations groups and The Gordon TAFE IT department.
  • Configured new internet routers including loading of software and prepared detailed implementation plans and advise for the validation of new internet services.
  • Conducted internet link (IP) and BGP routing tests and coordinated cutover between carrier engineers and client staff prior to and onsite in a troubleshooting capacity.

What our customers are saying

“Our close partnership with AARNet Enterprise Services helped our team to move swiftly and smoothly to our desired diverse network solution on the high speed AARNet network on time and within budget. With great support and technical advice we were able to take advantage of AARNet enterprise and network services. Our Staff benefitted from comprehensive documentation and local training allowing us to manage our network but with the support of AARNet engineers when we needed them.”

Darren Ollis, The Gordon TAFE’s ICT Service Delivery Manager

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