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Chief Executive Officer

CEO Chris Hancock has overseen extraordinary growth since his appointment in 2004.

AARNet CEO Chris Hancock AM

Chris Hancock is CEO of AARNet.  He came to the role in 2004 with 25 years of executive leadership experience, including 15 years in the media and telecommunications sectors. 

As CEO, Chris has overseen extraordinary growth. Under his leadership, AARNet has extended the nation’s advanced network infrastructure and developed a suite of leading-edge technologies and solutions, enabling Australia’s participation on the world stage for research, science, education and innovation. Today, AARNet serves Australian universities and the CSIRO, as well as many health and research organisations, schools, vocational training institutions, cultural organisations and specialist content providers. 

Chris has an Executive MBA from the University of New South Wales. Prior to joining AARNet, he held several senior executive positions at the Seven Television Network, Vodafone and Optus. At Optus, Chris was Managing Director of Optus Business and an integral member of the senior executive team that completed the IPO and subsequent sale of Optus to Singtel.

Chris is a past Chair of the Internet Industry Association and a member of the Global REN CEOs' Forum, Cyber Security Group and Unified Communications Group. He is a director of the board of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue and the New England Girls' School, and has previously served as a director of the Smart Services CRC and the Starlight Foundation. 

“AARNet is driven by cutting-edge technology and at the forefront of the internet. From fibre to products and services, we arm researchers and educators with the tools they need to collaborate and advance teaching, learning and research. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s an incredibly exciting time.” - Chris Hancock