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CloudStor+ is a high-performing and secure personal file storage solution for researchers at AARNet customer institutions, enabling them to easily and reliably store files “in the Cloud”.

Download the cloudstor+ Getting Started Guide.

What are the Features of CloudStor+?

  • Up to 100GB of storage is available to individual researchers free of charge.
  • For researchers or research groups wanting more than 100GB, charges apply (in the vicinity of $30/month per Terabyte).
  • The service is available to researchers at institutions which are AARNet customers.
  • Authentication and authorisation are provided via the Australian Access Federation (AAF).
  • The storage is provided within Australia, utilising (in the first instance) storage facilities provided by AARNet (located in Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, and connected directly to the network backbone at 10Gbps).  This ensures very rapid storage and retrieval, as well as avoiding any data sovereignty issues.
  • Data uploaded onto the platform is geographically replicated and distributed, with a minimum of three copies being maintained at any given time.  The storage capacity of the system can be expanded rapidly in response to demand, and enables the use of a range of storage types.
  • Files stored in CloudStor+ can be retrieved very quickly by virtue of the nodes being located in Australia and connected directly to the Network backbone (initially at 10Gbps).
  • CloudStor+ can be synchronised to the desktop or accessed via the Web or from mobile devices.
  • The system is based on the community-developed ownCloud software on the user-facing interface.
  • Note that CloudStor+ should not be confused with CloudStor (also known as FileSender), which is used to send files, usually large ones.  See CloudStor web page.


Why should Researchers consider using CloudStor+?

AARNet believes that CloudStor+ offers some key advantages to the research community over other personal cloud storage solutions (like Data Fabric, or commercially available services).  These include:

  • It is a sustainable service – AARNet plans to provide it indefinitely without interruption (based on AARNet’s history of sustainable funding arrangements).
  • This solution is not beholden to any commercial supplier, so will be cheaper in the long run and more readily adaptable to local needs.
  • CloudStor+ storage is located in Australia, and is directly connected to the AARNet backbone, for rapid and convenient access, and avoiding any sovereignty issues.
  • Data is replicated a minimum of three times geographically distributed nodes for high reliability and availability.
  • AARNet is drawing on its expertise and capability in high-reliability service provision to provide the highest levels of reliability and availability.
  • CloudStor+ builds on industry standards and open source software with a large support base, ensuring it will have a sound future.
  • AARNet is able to offer this service cheaply because it is able to leverage its existing server and support network;  the cost of storage today is quite small, and there is only a marginal extra cost of support and maintenance.


When will CloudStor+ be Available?

  • CloudStor+ was released on 30-Sep-13, though rollout is being handled in a managed fashion.
  • It has been extensively tested in Beta mode by a diverse group of users since March 2013.
  • It has been released to all existing CloudStor users, and many are now using it.
  • It is being rolled out on a campus-wide basis to researchers at a few universities first, to ensure that support arrangements are satisfactory.
  • For information on availability at your institution, or if you would like your university/institution to be included in this managed rollout, please email eResearch.
  • AARNet expects to continue development of CloudStor+, adding varous features through the end of 2013 and during 2014.
  • Any indiviual researcher or research support person interested in working with and helping to prove early versions is asked to contact AARNet at eResearch.


How Can I Access CloudStor+?


Platform Support:

  • There is a fully-featured Web client accessible from any platform supporting contemporary Web technologies.
  • Installable, synchronising clients are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Mobile clients are available for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).



We welcome your feedback, please send comments and suggestions for CloudStor+ to eResearch.


Frequently Asked Questions:

You might find answers to your questions at the CloudStor+ FAQ Page