Network Overview

AARNet is a high-speed, high-capacity, high-performance network dedicated to meeting the data-intensive and specialised needs of Australia’s research and education communities.

Our advanced network infrastructure is purpose built to support collaboration and innovation, connecting researchers and educators around the nation to each other and to their peers in the rest of the world across multiple 10, 40 and 100 gigabit per second (Gbps) links.

AARNet National Map May 2014

National Network

The AARNet network is built on a highly resilient backbone spanning the continent, from Perth to Hobart, Cairns and Darwin, with two geographically diverse Points of Presence (PoP) sites in seven Australian capital cities. The network also delivers high-speed services to diverse sites in regional Australia, including Armidale, NSW, Shepparton, VIC and Geraldton, WA.

AARNet also owns and operates a national optical network, which provides substantial capacity to rural, regional and remote locations.


AARnet International Map May 2014

International Network

Our network architecture includes several international PoP sites in the United States and Asia. High speed links to the USA are provided by Southern Cross Cable Networks (SCCN), with dedicated links for research and education across SXTransPORT, a joint initiative of AARNet and SCCN.

Future Connectivity

We work closely with other research and education networks around the globe and continuously develop the AARNet network to meet future needs of Australia’s research and education communities.

Who can connect to the AARNet network?

Australian institutions and organisations involved in research and education. Learn more