AARNet announces Cisco TelePresence Exchange service partnership

06 Jul 2011

Australia 6 July 2011: As part of its leadership in real time video communications, AARNet is pleased to announce a strategic agreement with Cisco.

The arrangement will see AARNet connect multiple academic institutions locally and internationally via a Cisco TelePresence Exchange System™ to facilitate cross institutional meetings. 


Note: This service which will only support Cisco TelePresence systems that can connected to each other in a point-to-point and multi-point service arrangement between AARNet connected institutions, please see the dedicated service development page for more details

This new solution will expand the portfolio of services provided by AARNet’s successful National Video Conferencing Service (NVCS), and will come online progressively from October 2011.  

The Cisco TelePresence solution will enable customers on AARNet’s high-speed network to have life-like virtual meeting experiences via Cisco TelePresence at different locations. It enables customers to invite meeting participants from across Australia to a virtual table at highly immersive high definition resolution. Education and research institutions will gain a powerful tool that will bring geographically dispersed researchers together into a single conference to facilitate discussions, share ideas and make decisions.    



Photo: Courtesy of Cisco and Monash University - Professor Debra Nestel using TelePresence for Regional Health Teaching and Learning

“Cisco TelePresence meetings provide an immersive collaboration environment, allowing participants to decipher facial expressions and body language as if they were in the same room. This new service removes geographical barriers, providing Australia’s research and education community direct exposure to instructors, colleagues and experts across the nation.” said James Sankar, AARNet Director, Applications and Services. “This new solution is an exciting expansion to the video conferencing capabilities supported by AARNet.  It will sit alongside our existing high definition video bridging service, providing a launching pad for next generation video conferencing services.”  

Assoc. Prof. Richard Constantine, CIO of Swinburne University, member of the AARNet Board of Directors and Chair of the AARNet Advisory Committee said, “Whether we are talking about teaching, learning or research, there is no doubt that how education institutions are augmenting how educators and students communicate and collaborate is changing in an unprecedented manner.  Swinburne University is looking forward to the added capability of Cisco TelePresence to enable collaborative education and research between the well-renown Parkes Observatory, Swinburne’s Advanced Technology Centre, five Victorian campuses and others nationally and worldwide.”   

“Cisco is excited to be partnering with AARNet to help students, educators and researchers in different locations around Australia and the world feel like they are sitting in one room via Cisco TelePresence,” said Ken Boal, director of Public Sector for Cisco Australia and New Zealand. “Whether it’s making it easier for researchers to connect or bringing together new university partnerships, this immersive meeting experience platform will improve Australia’s higher education and research collaboration capabilities.”  

AARNet efforts to participate in the Global Research & Education TelePresence Community (GRETC) mirror those of National Lamda Rail (NLR) Network in the USA whom AARNet kindly acknowledges for its assistance and stewardship in this area.

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