AARNet throws support behind World IPv6 Launch Day

06 Jun 2012

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 6 June 2012 – AARNet, Australia’s Academic and Research Network will today herald in the most significant upgrade of the internet since its inception by participating in the international Megaconference v6.

With the World Wide Web reaching the end of existing IPv4 addresses, the transition to a scaled out architecture based on IPv6 has officially begun. As one of Australia’s strategic beta roll out partners AARNet has been instrumental in leading the transition towards IPv6 since 2004. Now Australian organisations, connected to the AARNet network will have automatic access to video conferencing service through AARNet’s IPv6 enabled Cisco MCU conference bridges. The Megaconference v6 event falls on World IPv6 Launch Day. It will cater for the extended video conferencing community, giving them a platform to discuss the launch of the upgrade and the benefits it will offer network providers.

“After testing IPv6 conferencing services on the AARNet network, we are happy to support dual access via IPv4 to IPv6 enabled infrastructure,” said Chris Hancock, CEO AARNet.

“We are continuing to see the potential that videoconferencing can offer the Australian academic community and we have been committed to providing access to customers and video manufacturers to support IPv6 enabled video services that can connect into the AARNet Network and to extend access beyond our borders to Asia where IPv6 is the only option for network connectivity due to the scarcity of IPv4 addresses available today to meet the demands of new and growing Asian based internet communities.”

AARNet will be connecting two of its Multipoint Control Units (MCU) into the Megaconference v6 to allow local Asia Pacific participants to connect to the IPv6 Megaconference locally in the region. The conference will see other organisations including Internet 2, OARNet, North Dakota State University, University of Helsinki and others join forces to participate in what they hope to be the largest IPv6 video conference to date. Participants will be able to participate in presentations from researches, educators, network engineers and vendors, all showcasing the conversion to IPv6.

Dialling into the Megaconference v6:

Date: 6th June
Time: 10pm June 6 to 10am June 7 (AEST)

You may dial into one of the 2 AARNet MCU's during the Megaconference v6, which will be cascaded into the worldwide Megaconference v6 accessible on a first come first served basis using the following details:

HD Participants (Max 10 Participants)
IPv6: 2001:388:1:5001::8d
Meeting ID: 61262112690#
Meeting Name: Megaconference v6

SD Participants (Max 20 Participants)
IPv6: 2001:388:1:4001::14
Meeting ID: 61262112607#
Meeting Name: Megaconference v6